The Mastery of Habits for Weight Loss

Transform your way of thinking about weight loss. It's not about dieting and restricting foods.

It's about repairing the root cause.

It's about developing lifestyle strategies to not just lose weight, but keep it off for good.

Stop yo-yo dieting and start losing weight for good.

Get to the root cause of your weight and learn what you need to help your body recover from the insulin resistance that is causing your weight gain.

This is not a diet program. It is a lifestyle change program. I focus on helping you understand nutrition and teach you what new habits to put into place so that you can be successful life-long.

Here's a Sneak Peak Inside the 12-Module Course...


Transforming your Environment for Weight Loss Success


Stabilizing Blood Sugar - Core Concepts


Creating a Calorie Deficit and Calorie Distribution


Protein to Curb Cravings and Balance Blood Sugar


The Extra Calorie Burn


Limiting Carbohydrates to Curb Cravings and Balance Blood Sugar


Including Fat to Curb Cravings and Balance Blood Sugar


Kicking your Metabolism into High Gear: Part I


Kicking your Metabolism into High Gear: Part II


Fiber to Curb Cravings and Balance Blood Sugar


Self-Care for Sustainability


Self-Assessment and Next Steps

Simple Steps to

The course is your roadmap. It's to keep you focused on the things that actually matter when it comes to weight loss.

Follow each weekly module's learning lessons and action tasks to start mastering the habits needed for weight loss.

And you won't just lose weight, you'll optimize your nutrition to gain your health back too.

Along with the Course you get Access to These Amazing Tools:

EatLove Meal Planner

Meal planning website and app access with weekly meal recommendations, automated grocery lists, and optional grocery delivery.

A dietitian will create your own unique nutrition prescription for weight loss and all recipes will meet these calorie and macronutrient guidelines.

Dedicated Facebook Group

Accountability, support, and community: These are all built-in with the private Facebook group where I check in on how participants are doing and answer questions.

Extra Guides

~ Smoothie Guide

~ Quick Morning Meals to Boost Your Metabolism

~ Snack Guide

~ Meal Plans (at various calorie targets)

And you get LIFETIME access to all coursework, updates, and program materials!

*EatLove Meal Planner and private Facebook Group use is limited to 6 months with this purchase, you do have the option to pay to extend access

About Me!

Hi there, I’m Vanessa, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and mom of three young kiddos.

I recognize how difficult it can be to take care of yourself while also caring for youngsters.

It’s easy to grab food on the go, rely on take-out, skip meals during the day, then snack in front of the TV all evening.

In the end, you tell yourself next week will be better, next week I’ll start eating healthy again. And the vicious cycle continues.

I’m here to make it easier by providing the direction, education, and resources you need to be successful in changing these habits for GOOD.

I've worked with hundreds of women just like you for the past 10+ years, helping them successfully lose weight.

The new habits you develop working with me will provide a foundation to stabilize blood sugar so you can feel energized throughout the day and put your body into fat-burning mode 24/7.